Talent Predictor Explained

Talent Predictor is an intelligent job posting service. This service prescreens your candidates, using your requirements and science to predict how well the applicant will do in the job. In short, Talent Predictor saves valuable time in the recruitment and shortlisting process, letting you focus on interviewing the strongest candidates.

"The new Talent Predictor system worked really well for our organization. It help to narrow down the top candidates with the appropriate skills to do the job. The tool was able to match the candidates with the criteria we provided, which led to an easier more timely process for filling the job vacancy.”

That's the feedback from just one of the many hiring managers who have used Talent Predictor. 

Gain deeper insight via Talent Predictor

Using a comprehensive assessment that scores all candidates on their skills, personality traits and working environment fit, CV IQ Talent Predictor will provide you with amazing insights into your applicants – saving even more of your valuable time and leading to better hiring decisions.

After working through the regular posting process, you'll be asked to specify the skills, experience and education you are looking for in your ideal candidate. First you'll need to enter your eligibility requirements for the position - the true "must-haves" for the role, including any skill and experience pre-requisites that candidates must possess to apply. Candidates will be asked to complete a (one-time) 10-15 minute long assessment.

Talent Predictor scores and ranks all applicants based on how well their skills and experience match the job requirements as well as on personality traits (measuring a candidate's personality against thousands of high performing employees in similar roles) and overall fit to your working environment. By prescreening candidates, the service allows you, the hiring manager, to focus on the people with the highest potential.

Other additional benefits to using Talent Predictor include:

  • The ability to objectively compare selected candidates side by side using the criteria you've defined for success in the job.
  • A customized interview guide for each candidate, with suggested behaviour-based interview questions relating to their fit for your position.
  • The ability to collect applications from sources beyond CharityVillage, and assess them all through Talent Predictor.

A quick overview on Talent Predictor's posting process

Setting up your Talent Predictor job posting is easy, allowing you to specify the criteria needed to perform the job well. Once you've inputted the job description, you'll then come the Requirements page, which is exclusive to Talent Predictor.

The Requirements page allows you to specify the skills, experience and education you are looking for in your ideal candidate. It is split into three sections and in each of these sections you can choose from a list of suggested entries or enter your own custom requirements.

The last section to fill out for your Talent Predictor job posting is Work Environment. This allows you to describe the working environment for the position you are currently hiring for. All you need to do is drag the sliders on the page relative to how you would describe the working environment. You don't have to worry about being too exact on this page, as describing the working environment is somewhat subjective. 

Once you've completed these steps, the job is ready to be posted. When candidates apply, instead of simply submitting their resume and cover letter, they'll also complete an online application form and assessment based on the criteria you've just entered. Candidates will be scored and ranked, as shown below, for easy comparison and shortlisting. You'll also be able to view a summary for each candidate with more detailed information.

Still have questions, please contact our Help Desk at 1-800-610-8134 or email help@charityvillage.com. We are more than happy to help!

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