What is the Short Job Summary used for?

Many job seekers have email alerts set up to notify them of job openings relevant to their skills and experience. These alerts include job titles and links to job listings on Charityvillage. Now, these email alerts include short job summaries so you can market your position and help your job stand out to motivated job seekers. 

This is a fantastic marketing opportunity to help position your job to job seekers looking for jobs like yours!

Here is an example of an email that has been received by a job seeker. Remember that job seekers have set up these emails to receive notice of jobs relevant to their skills and experience. You can see how a short summary really makes a job stand out.

Where do I add a Short Summary of the job I am posting?

Located right below the job description box on the Job Description page, you can enter a 1-2 sentence job summary (300 characters). To have your job summary included in job alerts for job seekers, you will need to include this summary before posting your job.Short_Summary.png

An example of a short job summary:

Dynamic, downtown Vancouver organization looking for a fundraising professional with 3-5 yrs experience in an arts/culture environment. Our supportive, inclusive, creative team is excited to learn about your relationship building artistry and your eye-catching & effective campaign planning skills. 


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