What are Skill & Experience requirements in Talent Predictor and are they important?

Talent Predictor is a predictive scoring tool that helps hiring managers to quickly give an early indication (via a score) as to a candidate's suitability for a position. That is, it evaluates the candidates against the criteria YOU have entered for the position as well as a candidate's suitability according to their assessment and assigns each candidate a score.

The quality and accuracy of the scores depend on quality skills and experience questions. Take time to ensure that the skills and experience questions you set accurately define the requirements for the position and are detailed enough to distinguish between strong and weak candidates.

Specifying the right skills and experience requirements is key in identifying the right candidates.

Here is an example of how being specific turns a very weak requirement (one that won’t distinguish well between applicants) into a very strong question (one that really helps identify the applicants that have the specific skills of the position).


Weak question Experience using computers
Average question Experience using Microsoft Office including Excel
 Strong question Experience using Microsoft Excel at an advanced level
Very strong question Experience using Microsoft Excel at an advanced level including strong proficiency using Pivot Tables & VLOOKUPs


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