What is Recruitment Advisor?

Are you wondering how you're going to find time in your already busy schedule to start the hiring process for your newest job vacancy? Or maybe you don't have much hiring experience and aren't sure how to get started? We offer a service that can help!

Recruitment Advisor is a managed job posting service from CharityVillage which will allow you to focus on your day-to-day work, while leaving the job posting process to the expertise of CharityVillage recruitment specialists.

We'll get the search for your next great employee well underway with minimal disruption to your already stretched work life.

Our recruitment specialists have years of human resources experience within the nonprofit sector and will jump start your hiring process by asking smart questions that help you define your requirements, outline the desired skills and experience of candidates, and help you better market your position to the thousands of job seekers who visit CharityVillage each day.

What does Recruitment Advisor include?

  • A recruitment specialist for one-to-one assistance focused on defining the human resources need of your organization.
  • A recruitment specialist spending up to three hours helping to craft the job description, including identifying the skills and experience required for the job.
  • Assistance crafting a job posting that catches the attention and interest of qualified candidates for your role, inspiring winning applications from candidates who can bring both skills and passion to your organization!

Once the job description is complete, we’ll post the position for you on CharityVillage using the Talent Predictor service.

Talent Predictor:

  • Scores candidates’ skills, experience and personalities against thousands of high performing employees in similar positions. 
  • Creates a ranked list of candidates, based on your criteria, for more efficient and effective shortlisting. You will then have more time to focus on the critical aspect of meeting and interviewing your short list of qualified candidates.

To get started with Recruitment Advisor

We’d love to talk with you about Recruitment Advisor. Your local Territory Manager would be happy to hear from you and would be pleased to answer any of your questions about this service.


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