What benefit is there to me in applying for a job directly through the CharityVillage website?

Submitting your application through the CharityVillage website gives you several benefits.

By applying through the CharityVillage website, you'll have a list of all the jobs you've applied to in your Candidate Profile. 

This not only confirms that the organization did receive your application, but it also helps with your personal record keeping. You can click on any of these jobs at any time to view the job ad (even if the application deadline has passed), making it easy to prepare if you are called for an interview.

Finally, by completing the assessment, you may gain a little more insight into your personality and future job ‘fit’.

If you're not sure where to find your Candidate Profile, it's located in your My Desk under Alerts, Applications & Reports. My Desk refers to the square box to the right hand side of every CharityVillage web page.

If you would like to learn more Tips and Tricks while applying through ChairtyVillage, click the following link:


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