How do I change the status of a Candidate?

A candidate's status will always show up on your Job Manager as NEW and grey in colour until you change their status. You have the option of changing their status to Shortlisted, Undecided, Declined, and Hired.

Candidates who are deemed Ineligible if they did not meet your Eligibility requirements set in your Talent Predictor job posting, will not show up on your Job Manager list. To view these applicants, click the View drop-down menu, and select the radio button beside Ineligible.

To change the status of one or more candidates, simply click on the circle beside their name, then click the Change Status drop-down menu. You are presented with four options to choose from. For example, if you choose to change a candidate's status by selecting Shortlisted, they will turn green in colour. If you chose to select Undecided, they will turn blue in colour. This is just another way to organize candidate's on your job manager.

If you would like your job manager to just show candidate's who have a particular status, select the View drop-down menu. Then make sure to only select the status you wish to see.

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