How do I redeem a PIN code?

PIN codes are one way that CharityVillage members can receive discounts on our products and services, such as reports or eLearning courses. Each PIN code is tied to a specific email address, and can only be used once. So if you have a PIN code, it is just for you to use. If you try to use the PIN code with a different email address, it won’t work. If this happens, please contact our HelpDesk at 1-800-610-8134

For this example, we'll go through the steps to redeem a PIN code for an eLearning course. Here's how:

Click on the Login link in the navigation menu at the top of any page on the CharityVillage website and log in to your existing CharityVillage account.

Note: We can't assign PIN codes if you don't have an existing account.

To Access your PIN code, go to your MyDesk, click on the eLearning icon (the graduation cap) and then select My Courses.

Click on the PIN code link under the Description column. A pop up window will appear with your available PIN codes.

Highlight the PIN code that you'd like to redeem from the list and Copy it using Ctrl-C (or Command-C on a Mac). When you've copied it to your clipboard, click Cancel.

Click on the drop-down menu located by the Submit button and choose Redeem a PIN Code.

Paste your PIN code into the pop-up field that appears using Ctrl-V (or Command-V on a Mac) and press Submit.

Select the eLearning course that you would like to take and then click on Redeem PIN. The selected course should then appear in the list of available courses under My Courses.

That's it! If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties in redeeming a PIN code, please contact our HelpDesk at 1-800-610-8134. We'd be happy to help you out.



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