How do I create a volunteer or event listing?


PLEASE NOTE: It's completely free to post volunteer listings on CharityVillage, and the listing(s) can be available on our site for up to 90 days, before having to be re-posted.


Here's a quick, step-by-step guide to creating a volunteer or event listing on CharityVillage. But first, you will need to log into your CharityVillage Account.

If you don't have a CharityVillage account, don't worry. Just click the Sign Up button located at the top right of our homepage. For more information on how to sign up for a free CharityVillage account, click here.

Once you are logged into your account, select the Clipboard icon located on the left-hand side of your MyDesk. Then click Post Volunteer Listings or Post Event Listings. The following steps are very similar for both.

For this example, we'll post a volunteer listing.


Before you begin, if you are unsure whether you can advertise here, please click on Check first: Who can advertise here?

1. Choose the appropriate organization you are posting on behalf of.
2. Type the name of organization into the white box.
3. Select the organization's focus. If there is more than one, please click and hold
CTRL when choosing (CMD+ click for Macs). You may select three options.

Once you are finished, click the Next button.

Select which language you would like to use to create your posting, then click Next.

The Listing Options tab has 4 sections. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*) Use the "Save as default" menus to remember your favourite settings for next time.

1. Listing Start Date: This is the date that your listing will be visible to users on the CharityVillage website. It defaults to today but you can set it to a future date as well.

2. Application Deadline: This is the last day that applicants can apply for the position. Your listing will be removed from public view at the end of the application deadline date. The application deadline can be a maximum of 90 days from the listing start date.

3. Opportunity Title: The volunteer or event title. Note: please check the accuracy of the title. You will not be able to edit it after the listing is published.

4. Organization Name: Enter the name of the organization posting the volunteer position.

If you have a logo on file, you can add it to your listing. 

1. By checking the box to the left of the logo image, you can select up to three logos to include on your listing.

2. If you want to upload a new logo, click the Browse button to select a logo file from your computer. You can choose to give your logo a name. If you leave the Logo Name field blank, it will default to the file name.

3. Press Upload


1. Opportunity Duration: Select the duration for this opening (e.g. one day or less, short term, long term)

2. Opportunity Type: Select up to four categories to describe your opening. To select multiple categories, hold down the CTRL key while clicking (CMD+ click for Macs).

3. Great For: Select the appropriate choices from the options listed. If your opportunity is 'Great for Everyone' do not select any options from this menu.


1. Regions: Where will the person sit at their desk? Select the region(s) where the opportunity is located. DO NOT select regions where you want to promote the opening. If the position is home-based, select Flexible. If the opening is international, select International and enter city/country information in the Location Detail field.

2. Location Postal Code: Enter the postal code of the location where the opportunity is located. This field will default to your office postal code. If you have an opening for multiple locations, separate the postal codes by comma. If the location is flexible, enter H0H 0H0.

3. Location Detail: If you have selected a general region (e.g. "ON - Central",) use this field to clarify the location (e.g. Barrie).

4. Click Next.


1. Enter the posting details and contact information in the English Description box. Copy and paste or type your posting details into the form. You can include links to external websites and email addresses, and you can modify the format of the posting with the edit tools. The text box works very much like a standard word processing application. Don't forget to add contact information for how people should reach you to apply.

2. Enter the Organization Description. Please enter a short description of your organization. Note that the Organization Description must be between 25 and 300 characters (this character count includes spaces).

3. When you've finished filling out these two boxes, click Next.

4. The listing preview page shows exactly how your posting will look when it goes live. Please review it carefully to make sure that you have everything correct. 

Please note: your volunteer listing on CharityVillage may also be posted on our sister job board, Talent If you have indicated that the position is great for Youth 18+, your volunteer listing will appear on Talent Egg, free of charge.

In addition, with your permission, CharityVillage can now post skilled volunteer positions to LinkedIn, FREE OF CHARGE. LinkedIn requires a short organization description to be included with your volunteer listing on LinkedIn.

The red arrow below shows where you can select either Yes or No to have your skilled volunteer listing posted to LinkedIn free of charge. 


Please note: Mis-typed fax numbers and email addresses are the most common mistakes

If you are posting a bilingual listing, you will be able to preview the French version by clicking on Version Francaise underneath your logo and opportunity title.

If you need to fix anything, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Back, Edit Listing Info or Edit Listing Description buttons.

If you want to save the listing and submit it later, click the Publish Later button to save it to your Manage Listings page in your MyDesk. At any time, you can publish your saved listing.

If it looks good, click Publish Now. A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm.

Click OK for your listing to go live on CharityVillage immediately.

Still have questions? Please contact our HelpDesk at 1-800-610-8134 or email We're happy to help!

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