What is the difference between Talent Manager and Talent Predictor?

Talent Manager helps you to manage candidate information and resumes, communicate effectively and efficiently with candidates, and share applicant information among colleagues. Talent Manager will help to reduce overall hiring costs and time to hire.

Talent Predictor identifies top candidates using the science and experience gained from 15 million previous applicant assessments.

Talent Predictor will also:

  • Reduce the time AND cost to hire. By assessing every candidate as they apply, you'll acquire better applicant shortlists in less time, using fewer resources. Candidates will be assessed based on critical information that may or may not be on a candidate's resume.
  • Provide you with a summary, in the candidate's own words, of how they meet each of the skills and/or experience definitions you've prepared.
  • Score, rank and compare candidates based on suitability and fit to the job.
  • Allow you to manage, track and communicate with each candidate.
  • Allow you to share suitable candidates with your hiring team.
  • Provide you with a customized interview guide for each candidate, based on the candidate's self-assessment related to the job AND their personality.
  • Empower you to make better hiring decisions by providing you with critical, relevant information that is not available from candidates' resumes.
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