What should I include on my profile?

Think of your CharityVillage profile as similar to your LinkedIn profile - you have one profile that best represents you and your experience. Include your contact information, education, and upload a resume that best represents your skills, experience and interests as a whole.

The important thing to remember is that just like your Linkedin profile, everything you include on your CharityVillage profile will be visible to everyone you share your profile with!

Effective February 13, 2015, you are able to upload a unique cover letter, reference letter, writing sample etc., that is tied directly to the position you are applying to. The hiring manager for each job will only be able to view the 'Other Documents' you uploaded for their position.

Note that 'Other Documents', including your cover letter, that are submitted cannot be deleted or edited once the application has been submitted. In addition, you will not be able to view documents that have been submitted. We recommend that you keep a record regarding which files have been submitted with each application, just as you would have done if you were sending the files by fax or post.

Any changes to your  Candidate Profile, such as employment history or education, and your resume will be viewable by the hiring managers for any job you have applied for

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