Can I upload a different resume for each job I apply for?

At any time, you can upload a new resume. However, note that this new resume will REPLACE the resume that is attached to any previous job application on CharityVillage.

For this reason, DO NOT put your cover letter IN YOUR RESUME FILE.

Unlike other hiring and candidate tools, the CharityVillage system does NOT use keyword searches of your resume or application so certainly don't try to stuff all of the important words from a job description into your resume.

We believe that each of us has one true resume / CV that best represents our strengths, experience, skills and background. Create the best resume that accurately reflects how amazing you are and how much value you'd bring to a team. Don't waste your time stuffing keywords into your resume - you'll just water down the unique you and our tools for employers do NOT use keywords to search resumes! Like you, our hiring and candidate tools are certainly best-in-class; no need for keywords here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes to your Candidate Profile or resume will be viewable by the hiring managers of any past job applications on CharityVillage.

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