How do I review candidates who've applied to my Talent Predictor job posting?

To review applicants who've applied to your Talent Predictor job posting, please go to and Sign In to your account. 




Select My Account at the top of the page and then Manage My Job Listings/Applicants from the category Job Listings.



 Select the orange Applicants button beside your job posting. 


The Job Manager page is where you can organize your candidates, email multiple candidates at a time, print their documents, share their profiles with other colleagues, etc.

To view a Candidate Profile and their documents, simply click on a name. 


Please Note: A candidate's status will always show up in your Job Manager as NEW and grey in colour until you change their status. Their name will also be in bold lettering until you have viewed their profile for the first time.

If you would like to change the status of any candidate, simply click the circle beside the candidate name(s) and then click the Change Status drop-down menu. You can then select the status you wish to apply to these particular candidates (Shortlisted, Undecided, Declined). This will help keep track of which candidates you are and are not interested in. An applicant will not be notified if you change their status. 

Please Note: The Candidate Profile gives the details driving the CV IQ Score (Fitzii score) and is divided into four main sections.

The first section of the Candidate Profile
summarizes the candidate's background information. It includes education and work history (two most recent), qualifications and impact statement, if provided.

The grey buttons located at the right of a candidate's profile, allow you to access more details such as: the candidate's resume, contact information, social media profiles and any other documents they have chosen to upload.

These other documents, like the cover letter if added, will appear under the Docs button.

If a candidate chose to share one ore more of their social media profiles, the link(s) will appear under the Social button.


Important Note: The resume is the only document required for a candidate to submit their application.

You can also use the orange buttons to print their information and documents, share their profile with other colleagues, and track their progress. 

The second section of the Candidate Profile is the CAN section
. This describes the candidate's skills and experience as they relate to the requirements of the role. Each skill /experience requirement is listed, along with the length of time the applicant has possessed that skill/experience, the candidate's self-assessed proficiency level and any supporting explanation (required if the candidate has self-assessed at the Very Good or Excellent level).

If the candidate does not meet the minimum duration specified in your requirements, a red warning indicator is displayed to the left of the skill. 



The WILL section is the third part of the Candidate Profile and displays the results of the psychometric assessment. The candidate's results are included in the overall CV IQ score (Fitzii score), with the detailed results for the most important traits shown in this panel.

A description of each personality trait is available by rolling your mouse over the text. For each personality trait, the ideal range for the role is displayed as a grey bar with the candidate's score represented by a dark grey vertical line. The line will be red if the candidate’s individual score falls outside of the ideal range set for the position.



The last part of the profile is the THRIVE section. This section displays the six scales used to describe the job’s working environment and shows how the applicant's ideal working environment compares to the one created for the role. Of particular importance here are areas where there is a large mismatch between the desired working environment set by the hiring organization and what the candidate has indicated on the assessment (i.e. small differences are less important). 



The ? to the right of the CV IQ Score in the centre of the Candidate Profile provides some useful context for the score. Rolling over it will display the current range of all the applicants’ scores, as well as the current rank of this particular applicant.


When you have finished reviewing an applicant, you can either return to the Job Manager page or navigate to the next/previous applicant by using the navigation options at the top right of the screen.



That's all there is to it!

Still have questions? Please contact the Help Desk at 1-800-610-8134 or email


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