How do I create a CV IQ Talent Predictor job posting?

This guide takes you through the process of creating a Talent Predictor job posting on CharityVillage.

To get started, please go to and select Sign In.

If you do not have an account created, simply click Create a Free Account located to the right of Sign In.



Once you are signed into your account, you can choose to select Post a Job from the orange navigation menu at the top of the page, or click Create New Job Listing under the category Job Listings.



Please Note: If you are not signed into your CharityVillage account, you can click the Post a Job button which will prompt you to sign in before creating a job listing.




Step 1: Choose the organization you will be posting on behalf of


Ensure the radial button is selected beside the organization name, then click Next.

If you want to add a different organization that you are posting on behalf of, click Create New Organization. 

Please Note: On the Listing Details page, you can choose to keep the organization name confidential and it will not appear on the job posting. 

Step 2: Choose the type of job posting you wish to use


You will be given a choice between three types of job postings: CV IQ Talent Manager, CV IQ Talent Predictor and Recruitment Advisor. If you would like a more detailed explanation as to what each service offers, please select More Information under each choice.

For this tutorial, please choose Talent Predictor and then click Next.

This tutorial is for a CV IQ Talent Predictor job posting. 

Step 3: Listing Details

On this page, you’ll enter the basic information about the position you wish to fill. Mandatory fields are indicated with a red asterisk.



  1. Choose the language you wish your posting to be published in. 
  2. Select the start date of your job posting. It is very important to check the accuracy of this date since it cannot be edited once the job posting has been submitted.
  3. Select the date you wish your job posting to expire. The listing cane be available on our site for a maximum of 60 days.
  4. If you would like to keep your organization name confidential, click the grey box beside Keep this position confidential. Your job posting will then say - "a job in the _________ industry" (the blanks will be filled in by the industry chosen for the posting). 
  5. Add the title of the position you are hiring for. Please ensure the title is accurate as you cannot edit the title once you have submitted your posting. If you need to edit the title after you have submitted the job posting, please contact our Help Desk (contact info located at bottom of this tutorial).
  6. If you would like colleagues to have access to the Job Manager and the list of applicants, please add their email address(es). Make sure to click the grey Add button after inputting each email address.

    Important Note: Colleague(s) need to have a CharityVillage account to have access to the Job Manager and applicants. 

  7. Choose the position type from the drop-down menu. For example: Full Time, Part Time, Casual/On call.
  8. Select the career level from the drop-down menu. For example: Entry Level, Experienced (Non-Manager), Manager.
  9. Choose the salary range of the position you are hiring for. (Optional, but highly recommended)
  10. Select one Primary Job Category for the position you are hiring. The Primary Category determines the psychometric profile used, and as such, it should represent the actual job as closely as possible.
  11. Select up to three secondary categories to further define the position.

Click Next.


Step 4: Job Location


  •  Select the Country from the drop down menu
  •  Select the Province/State if applicable
  •  Select Region from the drop down menu (Optional)
  •  Add the city, town or neighbourhood where the job is located (Optional)
  •  Add the postal code. This helps ensure the posting is advertised in the correct geographic region

If the position is home-based, please click the grey box at the bottom left of the page beside the wording: This position is home-office based

Click Next to proceed.



If you have more that one location for your job listing, please click Yes. If not, click No to proceed to the next page.


Step 5: Logo


If you have chosen to display the organization name, you are given the option to upload a logo that will appear at the top of your job posting.

First, make sure to type the name of your logo in the Logo Name field and then click the grey Browse button to choose the logo image from your computer. Once you have chosen the image, click the green Upload Image button. 

After uploading your logo, click Next.


Step 6: Listing Description



You can copy and paste an existing job ad here or enter a new one from scratch. Use the formatting buttons at the top of the box to format the text.

To attract the best candidates, it is important to use a compelling job description that not only explains what type of applicant you are looking for, but also why these applicants would want to apply for the job. If you are writing a new description, we recommend including sections such as: About the employerAbout the roleAbout the ideal candidate and About the compensation/rewards.

The Short Job Summary is optional and should only be 1-2 sentences in length (maximum of 300 characters). This section is a great way to help your job stand out to motivated job seekers who have subscribed to email alerts. 

Once you have finished filling out the information on this page, click Next.



A pop up box will appear to remind you NOT to include your contact information in the job description. All applicants will apply via an orange Apply Now button that will appear at the bottom of your job posting. You will receive an email the following day with instructions on where to find the applicants who've applied and how to review them.

Click Continue to proceed to the next page. If you have added your contact information and need to remove it, click Cancel.


Step 7: Requirements 

The Requirements page allows you to specify the skills, experience and education you are looking for in your ideal candidate. It is split into three sections and in each of these sections you can choose from a pre-populated list of standard entries or enter your own custom requirements.



Eligibility - In this section you’ll specify the true "must-haves" for the role. By default, applicants that do not meet all of these minimum requirements will not be shown in your candidate list.

We recommend no more than 2 or 3 eligibility questions in total. The drop-down menu provides a number of standard eligibility questions or you can type a custom question directly in the field.

For each eligibility question, you will need to specify the desired answer (yes or no). Click the green + button beside each eligibility requirement to add to the list. You can edit and delete previous entries by using the icons to the right of the question box.


Skills & Experience - This is where you’ll specify the minimum level of specific skills and experience the ideal candidate should possess. We generally recommend between 3-8 in total. Pre-populated choices are available via the drop-down menu, but you can also create custom entries.

For each entry you create, you’ll need to indicate its overall importance related to the position, as well as the desired minimum years of experience. When you have finished making your choices, click the green + button to the right of each requirement to add to the list. You can edit and delete previous entries by using the icons to the right of each field.


Education & Qualifications - This is where you will specify the education level the role requires. Pre-populated options are available via the drop-down menu, but custom entries can also be made. You can optionally add a field of study for each qualification. In each case you should also specify the importance of the particular qualification.

When you have finished making your choices, click the green + button to add each requirement to the list. You can edit and delete previous entries by using the icons to the right of each field.

Once you are finished, click Next.


Step 8: Work Environment


This page allows you to describe the working environment for the position by dragging the sliders on the page relative to how you would describe the working environment. To get a full description of each option on the scale, just roll your mouse over the text. Don't worry about being too exact on this page, as describing the working environment is somewhat subjective. 

Once you have finished adjusting the sliders, click Next.


Step 9: Job Preview


This page allows you to preview your listing. If no changes need to be made, click Next. If you want to change any part of your listing, just click the green Back button and you can edit as much as you like. If you want to save the listing and submit it later, click Save Draft.


Step 10: Shopping Cart


If you’d like to post more than one listing, just click the Add More option from the drop-down menu above the check out button. Otherwise, follow the steps below:

  1. Double-check the total. Tax will be calculated after you enter your billing information, if you're paying for the first time on CharityVillage.
  2. Enter a purchase order number if you need it for your internal tracking (Optional).
  3. Have a discount or coupon code? Enter it into the Discount Code field and click Apply. This will refresh the page and reflect your new total.
  4. Click Checkout to go to the billing information page


Step 11: Enter your billing information


To process your order, we need to have your contact information, including name, address, email and telephone number. Once you have finished entering this information, please click Next to proceed to payment information.

If you have existing billing information, please ensure it's correct. To make a correction, click the grey Edit button to make changes. If you would like to add another billing contact, please click Add A New Billing Contact.

Click Continue to go to the payment page.


Step 12: Enter your payment information


If your order is more than $200.00, you will be given the option to pay with a credit card (VISA, AMEX and Mastercard) or select to be invoiced.

If you wish to be invoiced, make sure to click the grey radial button beside Invoice at the top left of the page. 

Once you're done, click Continue.


Step 13: Review your order


Click Place Order to submit your job posting and payment. 


Step 14: Order Confirmation 


This page confirms your order has been processed. If you receive an error with payment or have questions about your payment, please contact Grace in our Account Receivables department. Her contact information is at the bottom of your order confirmation page.

Click Done.

Please Note: When you submit your job posting, it first goes into Pending Approval. All CharityVillage Account Managers must review job listings in their territory before pushing them live to our site. This process is in place to ensure all postings are legitimate, formatting and spelling are correct, etc.

Account Managers have 24hrs to approve a listing, but normally they are up within the hour or two unless you post after hours or over the weekend. If this is the case, your listing will be approved the following business day.

Still have questions? Please contact your local Account Manager. Their contact information can be found here







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