How do I create an event listing?

PLEASE NOTE: It's completely free to post event listings on CharityVillage, and the listing(s) can be available on our site for up to 90 days, before having to be re-posted.

Here's a quick, step-by-step guide to creating an event listing on CharityVillage. But first, you will need to go to and Sign In to your CharityVillage account. 

If you don't have a CharityVillage account, don't worry. Just click Create a Free Account located at the top of the CharityVillage homepage. 


Once you are logged into your account, click Create New Event Listing located under the category Event Listings.


1. Fill in the details of your event


1. Select the language of your event listing 

2. Select the start date of your event listing on CharityVillage

3. Select the day you wish your listing to be removed from the CharityVillage Event board

4. Type in the title of the event

5. Select the event type from the drop down menu

6. Select the date when the event starts

7. Select the date the event ends

8. If there is a cost to attend your event, please enter it (optional)

You can choose to save your draft listing and finish it later or click Next.

2. Fill in the location details of your event


1. Select the country from the drop down menu

2. Select the Province/State from the drop down menu

3. Select the region of your event from the drop down menu

4. This field is optional. You can choose to be more specific in the location of your event. 

5. Enter the postal code of the event location

6. If this event is virtual, click the grey box

Once you have finished filling in the information of the event location, click Next.

If you have more than one location for your event, you can add multiple locations. If not, select No.


3. Logo page


1. If you would like to upload a logo from your computer, please enter the logo name

2. Click Browse to locate the logo on your computer

3. Select Upload to add the image 

Click Next once you have added the logo. If you do not want to add one, click Next to continue.

4. Enter the details of the event 


Once you have finished, click Next.

5. Event preview page


This page allows you to review your listing. If you need to edit, please click the green Back button. If not, choose Save Draft if you're not ready to publish, or click Next to publish your event.

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions, please contact our National Help Desk at 1-800-610-8134 or email



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